New Jersey, just like any other state has a percentage of its population who are considered fugitives from the law. Some of which are deemed armed and dangerous. Despite the best efforts of citizens and police, some of these criminals remain at large.

This bill, A146, “requires a wanted person check to be conducted of all applicants for permits, driver’s licenses, and identification cards. Specifically, the bill requires the Chief Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to conduct a wanted person check of all applicants for a probationary or basic driver’s license, motorcycle

license, examination permit, special learner’s permit, or non-driver identification card. A “wanted person check” is defined under the bill as a determination of whether a person has an outstanding arrest warrant or pending charges by accessing the NJ Wanted Person System (NJWPS) and New Jersey Criminal Justice Information System

(NJCJIS) in the files of the National Crime Information Center.”

From reading this bill, it would seem to have negligible added cost, if any. Yet the net benefits of capturing a person who may be dangerous to the general public are significant.