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NJ Bill on Voter Identification

A New Jersey Bill that we may want to introduce Voter Identifications Every election year there are always claims of voter fraud – people voting more than once.  In New Jersey, they introduced a bill that would require voters to show identity such as a New Jersey...

Congressional Budget Office’s $55 million dollar-a-year budget

What does the $55 million dollar a year budget get you with the Congressional Budget Office What do you know little about the Congressional Budget Office?Don’t worry. Most don’t.  And maybe that is by design. But let me fill you in on a bit about who they are and what...

Should These Out-of-State Bills be Considered in New York? 

Should These Out-of-State Bills be Considered in NY?NORTH CAROLINA NC BILL 13 If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, rescue attempts are time critical. Therefore North Carolina has proposed a bill whereby all new drivers licenses will have an optional...

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Upstate NY is an area of amazing people and remarkable history, green valleys and beautiful mountains and hills,  a wonderful place to visit and an amazing place to raise a family.

The people of Upstate are smart and down to earth with a no BS attitude that focuses on issues that matter to their everyday lives.

INY prides itself on our commitment to pointing out all of what NY state has to offer from the best in destinations, food, events, and people to the issues that affect us.