What does
“and for other purposes” mean in the bills I read

If you have seen the title of a bill in Congress you may have noticed most say “and for other purposes”. For example, HR6549 reads “To provide debt relief to developing countries with unsustainable levels of debt, and for other purposes.” The phrase means all of the title could not fit so they shortened it. It should alert you to the fact that you should always read the entire bill to understand it completely. In this bill for example the “and for other purposes” includes such elements as “standards for equitable burden sharing among all creditors with material claims on each participating debtor; robust debt disclosure; expanded eligibility criteria to include all countries with unsustainable levels of sovereign debt; standards for comprehensive creditor participation consistent with robust application of the policies of the International Monetary Funds relating to lending into arrears; and consistent enforcement and improvement of the policies of multilateral institutions relating to asset-based and revenue-based borrowing by participating debtors, and coordinated standards on restructuring collateralized debt.” And that is just a small part of the “and for other purposes”.

So it is important when discussing a bill take the time to read it all.