prisonerWhat do you think of these bills?


NY’s Governor Hochul signs legislation to enhance electoral education for released prisoners

Legislation (S 5965-A/A.4009-A) requires local jails to provide voter registration information to individuals of voting age being released from a local correctional facility. People in local correctional facilities may be those who have robbed homes or committed murders. And according to NYS law those with a felony conviction are allowed to vote although upon release from a correctional facility you may need to re-register.

Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs, the first formerly incarcerated male to serve in public office in New York State voted in favor of this bill stating “civic engagement and voting rights restoration is a key step” in changing these peoples lives.

Mail-in voting law passed

Voters can now cast ballots by mail if they request them before early voting starts ten days before an election. Unlike absentee ballots where you can only mail in your vote if you fit into certain criteria limits, now all voters have the option to mail in their votes. New York is now the 36th state to allow mail-in voting but not everyone is happy about it. Does this promote democracy or does it increase the chance for voter fraud? Let us know what you think.