NYC may be taking its time rebounding but New York State is seeing an increase in people buying homes

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New York

I’m Walking Here

For all you New Yorkers you know that saying. “I’m walking here.” And for those who are just entering the State – welcome.  We are excited to have you.

I know you have been hearing a lot about how New Yorkers are leaving this great State for other parts of the country but I have some good news.  According to a report in Bloomberg people are flocking back.  Can you blame them? Nothing is as great as New York. Why we even have a city so great we had to add the word “The” before the beginning of it.  So, remember when entering into our neck of the woods by foot, train, boat, car, or plane, it’s “The Bronx” and not “Bronx” – show some respect!

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all of New York is the City and its surrounding suburbs. No ma’am. Why Upstate New York is totally different and just as amazing a destination as Downstate when it comes to restaurants, theatre, things to do, and more.

Don’t believe me? Well, don’t take my word for it.  In the upcoming issues, we will be focusing on different regions around the state and letting you know the best places to get a bagel with schmear, places where you will see the coolest whips, places with dumb good things to do, and more.

And if you are interested in sharing some of your best places to go or interesting facts or unique customs or vocabulary in your city please share it at  We may just use it.  But hey don’t make it all about you – cuz that just makes you look thirsty and that ain’t cool.