haunted bundy museum

Haunted Places

Binghamton’s Bundy Museum of History & Art

Long before IBM, there was the Bundy Manufacturing company, the first manufacturer of time clocks in the world. Founded in 1889 by Harlow Bundy and his brother Willard, their time clocks were an instant success and brought the brothers great wealth. So much so that Bundy was able to build a breathtaking three story Elfred Bartoo-designed Queen Anne style home at 129 Main St In Binghamton.

Over the years this magnificent home has seen various owners including a boarding house, office space and even a printing shop.

Clientele of those establishments have said that they have seen ghosts. As these stories grew so did the excitement of going there. And soon it became a destination for those looking for spiritual activities.

Fast forward to now and the Bundy Museum of History and Art  has become a favorite haunt for paranormal investigators. 


The next ghost tour hosted by Phantom Visions Paranormal in association with the History of New York State and The Bundy Museum of History and Art will happen this July 21st at 8pm.

To find out more go to https://www.bundymuseum.org/