Does NY Need More Public Golf Courses?

New York State ranks 43 out of 50 for having the most number of public golf courses per population.  Now before you start thinking it’s because of our weather, think again.  Minnesota ranks 1st, Michigan 3rd, Wisconsin 4th, and North Dakota 7th.

Another fallacy may be that the low number of public golf courses is the result of how expensive real estate is in some sections of the state. To that thought most of the courses are found on Long Island in Nassau and Suffolk Counties where real estate is at a premium.

So why does this matter?

It is a quality of life issue that in the long run aids in people’s decisions to locate in the State.  Courses have been known to attract visitors and positive media exposure.  The County hosting a tournament would realize a significant financial impact with monies going to pay fees and to support local businesses that set up vending stations as well as local hotels and restaurants. There is the added temporary employment gain for those who are associated with the event. Other benefits that have been realized is an increase in local property values as it aids in a positive city image as well as having a place for relaxation amongst a broad demographic as well as teaching and promoting a game known to improve players life skills such as sportsmanship.

The list of golf courses for NYS are (listed in county order):