Find Aliza Spencer’s murderer. Image from Facebook


$29,500 reward
leading to the arrest of Aliza Spencer’s murderer

There is the saying that we each have the power to help change this world, even if we believe our contributions are too small to have an impact. And yet time and again we find that we all hold the power for good. I am asking you to find that power in yourself to help do good – to help give a grieving family and a grieving community, the closure they desperately need. And here is all you have to do. If you saw something – say something in the murder of 12 year old Aliza Spencer of Binghamton.

This beautiful spirit was a 6th grade student at East Middle School and on the night of April 21 she and her brother and dad were walking near their home on Bigelow Street when she was shot in the chest. She was rushed to the hospital but later died from her wounds. I cannot imagine the impact this has had on her family – having your child’s life ripped from your world. And it is unspeakable to imagine the horror of knowing her murderer is still walking around free. So please, reward money aside, if you can help the Binghamton police to piece this together, do not stay silent. Please if you were in the neighborhood and saw something please let the Binghamton police know. If you have heard something please let the Binghamton police know. If you were on the street and did not see anyone at the time of the murder walking around please let the Binghamton police know. Every bit of information, no matter how small will help the police to piece things together.

Please call 607-772-7080 to leave your tip and help this grieving family.