What Connections Have You Made with Your Government Today?

Bill Clark is a World Champion and professional athlete, motivational speaker and strongman, Guinness Book of World Records Title Holder, World Challenge Title Belt Holder, strength and 5th degree black belt jiu jitsu coach, youth mentor and owner of the Not for Profit, Bill Clark Strength.

Bill Clark

You have a duty to yourself, to God, and to your family to
lift more than weights.

As a child, my father died and my mother suffered from illnesses that would force her to leave the home for weeks at a time. Being home alone at such a young age taught me the value of well intentioned and knowledgeable mentors.  Through the grace of God, these coaches helped to change the trajectory of my life, and as I climbed the ranks of athletics, decided that one of my life’s missions would be to help give back and help others to reach their very best through optimal mindset and physical engagement.  Subsequently, I became a teacher and have happily served in that capacity for 25 years.  I also speak at schools and organizations—sharing the many lessons that I learned while at the Olympic Training Centers and throughout my career. 

During these presentations, I incorporate feats of strength which include tearing license plates in two, bending horseshoes, and doing other things of the like.  The presently elected Broome County Clerk, Joseph Mihalko, has been instrumental in this process.  Because it is illegal to possess unregistered license plates, I contacted Joe.  He was more than helpful, and while following the law to the fullest extent, was able to provide me with these—and he still does.  I would never have been able to break the Guinness World Record without his help. Joe is a great example of how our elected leaders can be of help and service, and Mr. Mihalko is definitely in office for the right reasons.”

bill clark
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