How do you feel about HB 1074 which directs the Board of Health to develop, by regulation, an exemption to the rabies vaccination requirement for animals if a licensed veterinarian certifies in writing that the vaccine would endanger the animal based on an underlying medical factor and a titer test indicates a sufficient level of immunity to rabies. The bill provides that such certification is valid for a period of one year and serves as proof of vaccination.


  • According to the CDC only 1 to 3 cases of human rabies are reported in the United States each year
  • Rabies is deadly if a person or animal is not given shots in time
  • Small dogs are most likely to have vaccine reactions
  • Rabies vaccines in animals can cause immediate or long-term chronic illnesses including chronic digestive issues, skin issues, food/environmental allergies, emotional disturbances including violence, desire to kill and anxiety, heart inflammation, circulatory shock, loss of consciousness, seizures, tumors, neurological problems, cancer, and death.
  • According to the National Institute of Health, “The importance of adverse effects from vaccination must not be overstated. Vaccine benefits greatly exceed any risks from the procedure. Neither must they be minimized. Unnecessary vaccination must be discouraged. Hypersensitivity reactions to vaccine components are real and must be guarded against. Progressive improvements in animal vaccines have significantly reduced the chances of adverse effects occurring, although some issues persist.”

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