This legislation sets minimum staffing standards for nursing homes and certified nursing facilities; administrative sanctions;

Long-Term Care Services Fund. It requires nursing homes to meet a baseline staffing level based on resident acuity in alignment with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services staffing level recommendations. The bill requires nursing homes to collect and submit to the Department of Health certain data related to staffing. The bill gives the Commissioner of Health the power to impose administrative sanctions on nursing homes for violations of the bill. The bill provides that nursing homes shall only be subject to administrative sanctions upon initial funding for the state share of the cost to implement the provisions of the bill.

The bill establishes the Long-Term Care Services Fund for the purpose of making grants to assist in the provision of activities that protect or improve the quality of care or quality of life for residents, patients, and consumers of long-term care services.

Does this legislation go far enough? It talks about baseline and administrative sanctions which in my opinion appears watered down. But I would like to know your opinion. Please comment below.