NJ Assembly bill 113 would require voters to present documentation as proof of voter identity to vote. “A voter, whether voting in person or through a mail-in ballot, would be required to show or submit a copy of a New Jersey driver’s license, New Jersey nondriver’s identification card, or another document, that includes all of the following criteria: (1) the name of the voter to whom the document was issued;

(2) a photograph of the voter to whom the document was issued;

(3) an expiration date, showing that the document is not expired or expired only after the date of the most recent election; and

(4) was issued by the federal government or this State. For first-time voters, this documentation would be required in addition to the production of any document necessary to fulfill the proof of identity requirement mandated by the federal “Help America Vote Act of 2002,” if that first-time voter had registered to vote by mail without submitting federally-acceptable identity verification with the registration. However, a first-time voter in this situation would be required to present only one document with respect to both identification requirements, if that document is able to satisfy the document criteria as applicable to each requirement.

The requirement for verifying voter identity through additional documentation would not apply to any voter entitled to vote by mail-in ballot under the federal “Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act,” or provided the right to vote otherwise than in person under the federal “Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act,” or any other federal law. Additionally, because the bill’s verification of identity requires the production of a document containing a photograph of the voter, it incorporates an exemption from the production of a such document if the voter has a religious objection to being photographed, and this is established by a sworn affidavit from the voter. Finally, to ensure that no one is denied the right to vote based solely on an inability to pay for a government-issued document with photographs the MVC would issue a nondriver identification card without cost to any voter requiring such document upon execution of an affidavit of indigence.”

To follow NJ Assembly Bill 113 which requires certain documentation as proof of voter identity to vote; updates procedures for challenging voters regarding proof of identity. go to: https://njleg.state.nj.us/bill-search/2022/A113