Are you one of the 32 million people in the United States that suffers from food allergies? If you are, or if you know of someone who has food allergies you will want to read on.

HOUSE BILL 65 is legislation also called “Rachel’s Law” which mandates that each food service establishment licensed by the state or by the municipality in which it operates shall:

(a) Include on all menus and menu boards a notice to customers of the customer’s obligation to inform the server of his or her food allergies.

(b) Have a person in charge during all hours of operation trained and certified as a food protection manager by a program approved by the department which includes training regarding food allergens. Such person shall ensure that employees are properly informed of food safety issues, including awareness of food allergies, as it is related to the employees’ assigned duties.

II. A food service establishment that violates this section shall be subject to enforcement in accordance with rules adopted under RSA 143-A:9, XI, or local ordinance relative to food service licensure.

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