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the Drone photography of Likid Keomany

The Drone photography of Likid KeomanyLikid Keomany was born and raised in Binghamton. He bought his first drone in 2017 and became a licensed drone operator by 2022. Likid told us that “At first I thought a drone was just a “cool toy” but I now know the amazing...

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November events

November events

November 1 The annual Troy Turkey Trot has been a Saratoga tradition since 1916 and has grown to...

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Haunted The Hulbert House

Haunted The Hulbert HouseThe Hulbert House on Main St in Boonville had quite an impressive guest...

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Immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Slovakia

Immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Slovakia

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, a tide of immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Slovakia embarked on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Driven by dreams of prosperity, freedom, and opportunity, these brave souls left behind their homelands to seek a brighter future in America.

These immigrants settled all across the United States, bringing with them their unique cultures, traditions, and customs. Many found their new homes in bustling urban centers such as Chicago, New York City, and Cleveland, where they established vibrant communities that preserved their heritage while embracing the promises of their adopted homeland. Others settled in farming communities or less urban areas such as Broome County.


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NYS Senate Bill 286 

NYS Senate Bill 286 

NYS Senate Bill 286 Prohibits the termination of tenancy in certain housing occupied by senior citizens and/or persons with disabilities

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Upstate NY is an area of amazing people and remarkable history, green valleys and beautiful mountains and hills,  a wonderful place to visit and an amazing place to raise a family.

The people of Upstate are smart and down to earth with a no BS attitude that focuses on issues that matter to their everyday lives.

INY prides itself on our commitment to pointing out all of what NY state has to offer from the best in destinations, food, events, and people to the issues that affect us.