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A New Jersey Bill that we may want to introduce

Voter Identifications

Every election year there are always claims of voter fraud – people voting more than once.  In New Jersey, they introduced a bill that would require voters to show identity such as a New Jersey driver’s license, New Jersey nondriver’s identification card, or other documents, that includes all of the following criteria:  (a) the name of the voter to whom the document was issued, and which conforms to the name under which the voter is registered  (b) a photograph of the voter to whom the document was issued;  (c) an expiration date that has either not expired or expired only 44 after the date of the most recent election. 

Should NYS introduce a similar bill where not only does a voter need to present identification but that identification is scanned into the computer just as a voter is required to sign a computer form when voting in NYS and have that scan hooked up to a national database.  This would prevent people from claiming fraud in voting based on a number of factors including voting more than once in different districts and using another’s name to vote.