lena bishop

Lena Bishop.

Everyone knows her name


Lena Bishop is a woman with many accomplishments in and outside the political world.  In fact, too many accomplishments to fit into this article but let me highlight a few:

  • Restarted the Democratic Women’s group and was President.
  • Founder of the NYSFDW and was its first President.
  • Appointed to the State Committee in the 123rd Assembly District by former Chair Tony Fiala.
  • 4th VP of the NFDW
  • Held a National Convention in Albany
  • Volunteered at Democratic headquarters for 20 years

Lena’s resume is impressive. But it is important to remember that this woman began as you and I, just an average citizen wanting to make a better community. To do that she had to get involved. She sought out relationships with people who gave her advice along the way. And from their helping hand she was able to have a impact in this area.

Remember to effect change it takes people on both sides of the aisle working together.