faucet-unsafe water

Is Your

Tap water

killing you?

Long ago people began switching from well water to municipal water for convenience and water quality safety. Workers diligently dug up the roads and laid pipes to service millions of homes.

But was this water service a safer alternative to well water?

Well, it needs to be noted that these pipes were made of lead.  You know, the stuff that causes negative health effects in even the smallest of doses and potential death if consumed in large doses. So that’s not good. And probably the reason why they were banned more than 30 years ago. Except they weren’t because there are still about 22 million homes still being exposed to a constant source of lead in their drinking water because these pipes have not been replaced.

Surprised? Yeah I was as well.  And here is the really bad part, all these lead pipes are deteriorating  aging conduits that are now leaching increased levels of lead into the drinking water and exposing you and me to harmful levels of lead.

But there is good news. Somewhat.  The EPA launched a new initiative to replace lead pipes. The bad news is it is only in under served communities in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Wisconsin.  It is possible this service will expand to other areas after 2023 but for now that is it.

But do not worry. If you do not live in one of those communities in one of the four states mentioned you can still have your potentially harmful leaking lead pipes removed. How? You can pay to have them removed yourself.  Yep. The cost will be on you homeowner.